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Gooseneck Trailers For Sale In Arthur, Illinois

Gooseneck trailers offer enhanced stability, weight distribution, and higher towing capacity due to their attachment point over the rear axle of a towing vehicle.

A gooseneck trailer gets its name from the hitch, which is highlighted by a long, arched "neck" section at the front. The unique coupler is designed to clear a pickup's tailgate, and it connects to a ball inside the bed for a frame-mounted hitch that is positioned over the rear axle. Gooseneck trailers can be much longer, wider, and heavier than most bumper-pull trailers, which allows them to carry more weight without compromising stability.

If you need a heavy-duty hauler, you can find it at Kate’s Trailers! We have gooseneck trailers from top brands such as Load Trail and Midsota in a wide variety of trailer types, including car haulers, tilt decks, dump trailers, equipment trailers, and deckover trailers. Give our sales team a call today and get the right trailer for your next job!

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Gooseneck Trailer FAQs

Whether a gooseneck trailer is the best option depends on your specific needs, including the cargo you plan to transport and your tow vehicle.

Gooseneck trailers are often considered better for certain uses due to improved stability and tow capacity. Their unique hitching system, which connects to the bed of a pickup truck, distributes weight more efficiently, reducing sway and improving control on the road. This makes them an excellent choice for hauling heavier loads or livestock.

Gooseneck trailers can be easier to back up compared to other types of trailers. Their hitch design offers a tighter turning radius and more precise control.

This comes from the pivot point of the trailer being positioned over the tow vehicle's rear axle, allowing for smoother and more intuitive maneuvers. While there is still a learning curve, with practice, backing up a gooseneck trailer becomes a more manageable and less stressful experience.

Yes. Safety chains are required on gooseneck trailers in most jurisdictions, including Illinois.

They serve as a critical safety feature, providing a backup connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle. If the primary hitching mechanism fails, safety chains keep the trailer attached to the tow vehicle, preventing it from becoming a runaway hazard on the road. Gooseneck trailers need safety chains, like any other trailer.

The length measurement usually starts from the “neck” of the gooseneck (the part that extends over the tow vehicle) to the very end of the trailer.

This measurement provides a comprehensive view of the trailer's size and is essential to know if it meets specific hauling needs, fits storage spaces, or complies with legal restrictions. Width measurements are also important, especially for determining if the trailer can safely carry certain types of cargo or navigate through narrow spaces.